MY NEEDS :  Any newly redesign or re-worded GSUSA patches or pins OR old/retired patches....
I have a few Susitna Council, Alaska patches left to trade. the NEW GS of Alaska patches are now available.I collect US council patches and pins as well as patches/pins/silks from all WAGGGS Countries. I would also like membership or promise pins from WAGGGS Countries.   I rarely say no if I have something that you need.
E-mail me directly to make an offer or ask for a trade:
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GSUSA Council Pins:
Trade for 2 patches or another pin

Go to bottom of page to see my list of US duplicates available for trade

New Zealand Pippins


MY UK Needs:

:Avon North
Bromley North
Ilford                          Haslemere 
London South West    Newcastle 
River Ash         

County Pins/Metals needed:
Cheshire Border
Durham South
Greater London Kent
Hampshire North
Hampshire West
Isle of Man
Kent Weald
Lancashire Border
Lincolnshire North
Middlesex NW/SW
Shropshire, new design
Stockport new & old designs
Wiltshire North-South

The Bears of the 100 Acre Woods

Snacking on the willow bushes

email me
Alaska Angel Pins
2 patch trade
Scroll down to bottom for a list of
Council ID strips that I need .....
Council ID Needs:  legacy councils.

Arkansas Post  Br Jr

Beaver Castle  Br  Jr
Becky Thatcher  Br  Jr
Bluebonnet  Br 
Bluestem  Jr

Carolina Low County  Br  Jr
Central Kansas    Br
Centrillio   Jr
Chautauqua Area    Br
Chicago   Jr
Columbine  Br  Jr
CT Valley  Br 
Covered Bridge  Br  Jr
Crowley's Ridge  Br  Jr

Dogwood Trails  Br  Jr
Drifting Dunes  Br 

El Camino  Jr   

Flint Hills  Br 
Flint River  Br  Jr

Great Plains  Br  Jr
Homestead  Br

Kaw Valley    Jr
Konocti Br

Land of Lakes  Br 
Lake to River Br  Jr
Licking Valley  Jr 

Magic Empire Br
Midland Empire  Br Jr
Moingona  Jr
Muir Trail  Jr 

Niagara  Br  Jr
North Alabama  Br
NW Connecticut  Br  Jr
NW Mississippi  Jr

Old '96    Jr

Palm Glades  Br 
Pee Dee  Br  Jr
Pelican  Br  Jr
Penn Lakes  Br  Jr
Penn Laurel  Br 
Permian Basin  Br Jr
Piedmont Area  Br  Jr
Pioneer Valley  Br 
Pine to Prairie Br  Jr
Prairie Hills  Br  Jr
Sakakawea   Br  Jr
Santa Clara County  Jr
Sarah Wells   Br 
Shemamo  Br 
Silver Waters   Br  Jr
South Central Alabama  Br 
South Cook County  Br
Sunflower   Br  Jr
Sycamore  Br  Jr

Tip of Texas  Br  Jr
Tribal Trails  Br 

Wapehani  Br  Jr
West Texas   Br  Jr
Westmoreland  Br  Jr
Wheatbelt  Br  Jr
Wichita Area   Jr

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Girl Scouts of Alaska
Arkansas Post
Northeast Mississippi
San Gorgonio
San Fernando Valley
Northern California
Mt Wilson Vista
Tierra del Oro
Golden Valley
Permian Basin
Central Savannah River
Appleseed Ridge
Heart of Missouri
Tarheel Triad
Northwestern Connecticut
Nation's Capital (green)
Tejas (3")
Drifting Dumer
Whispering Oaks
Mt Magazine Area
Genesee Valley
Apalachee Bend
Circle T
Mohawk Pathways
Cotton Boll
Maumee Valley
Nassau County
Beaver Lawrence
Western NC - Pisgah
Blue Heron
Sahuaro - 2.5 inch
Deep South
Pioneer Valley
Flint Hills
Huron Valley
Nation's Capitol (blue)
Hudson Valley
Pioneer (compass design)