International Flag Pins:
You can make miniature lapel pins that resemble the flags of the world with safety pins and seed beads.  Because the beaded pins hang freely from a larger pin, any motion gives the illusion of a proudly waving flag.

Supplies needed:
1 - 1 1/2 inch safety pin
12 -  7/8 inch safety pins
seed beads of various colors, as needed
small paring knife or nail file
pair of pliers

Use the point of the paring knife or nail file to gently separate the circle of the larger safety pin, then set aside.  Slip seed beads onto the smaller pins, following the chosen pattern.  Follow the charts from top to bottom when you are arranging the beads.  For example: to make the flag of Chile: arrange the first pin with:  4 blue then 8 white beads (row 1)
When all 12 small pins have beads arranged, slip the circle end of the small pin (Row 1) onto the larger pin.  Work it around the larger pin's circular loop and slide it to the head of the larger pin.  Continue with the other 11 smaller pins.  When all 12 pins have been arranged in place, squeeze the larger pin's loop shut with the pliers.
The large pin can now be opened and closed without the risk of the smaller pins slipping off.  Fasten your pin to your shirt, jacket or hat and watch it "wave" with each motion you make. 
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